Besides his commissioned graphic designs and artworks, Pierrick Gaumé also provides other specific services.

Gaumé uses his visual and 3D experiments with distorting mirrors to reinforce young people’s observation, attention and learning abilities. Together with children, teenagers, teachers and librarians in French schools or libraries between March 2014 and April 2015, Gaumé supervised creative workshops about optical illusions. Gaumé’s freelance artist status, training and experience allow him to elaborate workshops on demand in line with school authority requirements, and to issue proper invoices for them.

Pierrick Gaumé carefully listens to potential clients' questions, requests and orders for personalised photo prints of his artwork. Though every quote is free if charge, a deposit payment of 50% upon each order’s amount is expected for it to be confirmed and to launch its printing process. After this step, Gaumé prepares the ordered photo’s printing, sends it to the most competent lab and has it delivered to the address that the buyer specified for it. Each of Pierrick Gaumé’s prints is numbered, signed and part of limited series. After the sale and delivery of a print are completed, its Certificate of Authenticity is always available upon request to the artist.

PARTNERS (past and/or present, non-exhaustive list without chronological order): Dia Langue, Amnesty International (Paris), Agence de création Adeo, Bauhaus Center Tel-Aviv, Red Sea Fish Pharm Ltd., Chollet SAS, BGE Touraine, MiShinnah Productions, Studio 23/The Arts Center, Ephrat Gallery (Tel-Aviv), Aqua Euro Systems, Reef Insane, Galerie Oz'Art (Tours), Un Moment à Part (Tours), SDM Consulting, Agence Mediapilote, Villa RG Maspalomas, Agence U & Me, Médiathèque Jacques Lanzmann, Mairie de Loches, Maison-Musée René Descartes, Mairie de Descartes, Precision Saws Inc., Matra Automobile, ANVAR (Agence Nationale de Valorisation de la Recherche), Automobiles Peugeot, Association Photo en Touraine, Association Mode d'Emploi, Education Nationale, GRETA Berry, Pierre & Vacances.