Pierrick Gaumé is a French industrial designer & graphic artist who graduated from the Ecole Nationale Supérieure de Création Industrielle in Paris. His drawings, paintings, collages & photographs are part of private collections since 1994. Between 1997 & 2019, his artwork was mostly shown in Paris, in Tel-Aviv, in San Francisco and in his Loire Valley homeland.

In 2006, Gaumé started working on his Automorphoses, which are photographs of anamorphoses he captures on car bodies. With more and more cars being banned from urban centers, these photographs represent cities as they used to be, with a twist recalling psychedelic art.


To this day, Automorphoses are still Gaumé's most important artwork series and visual trademark. Whereas a new exhibition of Automorphoses is in the making, Pierrick Gaumé also followed up with his documentary study on art-therapy, which is to be exhibited as "Portraits in Healing".