Pierrick Gaumé is a French painter, industrial designer & photographer who graduated from the École Nationale Supérieure de Création Industrielle in Paris. His drawings, paintings, collages & photographs became part of private collections since 1994. Between 1997 & 2019, his artwork was mostly shown in Paris, in Tel-Aviv, in San Francisco and in his Loire Valley homeland.

In 2006, a trip to Italy pushes Gaumé to reconsider how he looks at the world and represent it. Gaumé's Automorphoses then result directly from this necessity to un-learn and re-learn how to capture and frame a photographic images. Whereas the Automorphoses can be seen as anamorphoses he swiftly captured on car bodies in the cities he walked through, these strange photographic objects will be exhibited in the big cities he discovered or rediscovered — San Francisco, CA — Tours, France — Paris, France between 2007 and 2013.


In 2018, Gaumé took part in the “L’art déclare la paix” (Art Declares Peace) events in the Loire Valley with the “Pacifier par l’Art” (Art That Can Heal) report he produced with filmed interviews of researchers and art-therapists in France and in Italy.

However, to this day, Gaumé's most important artwork series and trademark is the Automorphoses. In 2013, after his exhibit at Peugeot's Paris headquarters and the publication of the Paris-Morphoses book, Gaumé followed up with more series of Automorphoses in other big cities.

After San Francisco, Paris, Londres & Brussels, the Automorphoses that Gaumé captured in Milan, Italy were chosen by a gallery for a show in 2020 that will be included in the city's Photofestival events. Other projects are being developed for the rest of 2020.