Pierrick Gaumé is a French-born industrial designer, photographer and graphic artist who received the Industrial Design MA of the Paris-based ENSCI-Les Ateliers college of design in 1995.

After studying product and graphic design, Gaumé developed a research approach taking popular culture and design history into account together with semantics and psychology. This research axis proved essential for both his thesis about personified objects, "La Personnification", and the graduation project of "A Vehicle to Live In" that he designed with Matra Automobiles and an ANVAR (National Agency for the Valorization of Research in France) grant from 1994 to 1995.

However, Gaumé's artwork became part of private collections as early as 1994 in various countries despite little exposure and gallery support. The largest pieces and collections of it can be found in the USA, in Italy and in the Middle East.

In 2006, Gaumé discovered a new photography concept he referred to as Automorphoses. These collage-like distortions he captured on shiny cars in Italy, in France, in the UK and in the USA, drew him back to notable exhibits, creative workshops and teaching assignments until 2018.